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A picture of Ananya, a senior at Hall High School.

Ananya Radhakrishnan, Editor

Alongside her friends, new Hall Record editor Ananya Radhakrishnan is the pillar to Hall’s Asian-American community and its multicultural experience. She’s eager to explore the local community that affects her as well as the community that doesn’t— the outside world. 

Q: Do you like Hall High School or are you desperate for it to end?

A: I like it. The teachers are all kind and they’ve been doing a great job. But, some aspects could be better. I’m a part of cultural clubs at Hall. I’ve noticed that there’s been a decrease in participation overall in extracurricular activities that are not sports, especially in cultural clubs. People that run the clubs, such as myself and my friends, are not getting much participation. We’re so interested in what we do. We work hard for everything and we really wish more people would join and it’s better for their future too. That’s something I might want to write about.


Q: Who is your best friend and why?

My best friend is Sophiya Singh. We clicked in middle school because we were together in Social Studies, and I didn’t really have many friends. Also, we watched Supernatural in middle school so we talked about it all the time. We were basically the same person. People often confused us. We both tend to be a little bit on the quieter side. Also, we’re both Asian-Americans so we used to talk about that in middle school. There was a unit on Hinduism and we were the only two who really knew about it. 


Q: In one word, how would your enemies describe you?

A: Meticulous. Everything I do is always thought out carefully. If something goes out of plan, it’s scary for me, so I’m not really a risk-taker. 


Q: Would you change that about yourself [being meticulous]? 

A: Probably not, because that’s what I like about myself. Everything I do I put a lot of work into and I think it out. It keeps everything orderly in my life. I don’t miss assignments and I’m ready for tests.


Q: What are your plans after high school?

A: I don’t have a job in mind, but I think I’m going into the STEM field after college. I want to explore parts of the STEM field and figure out what I actually want. I’ve been a STEM kid since elementary school and I’ve wanted to be in the science field since forever.

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Ananya Radhakrishnan