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Aran Brancato

Aran Brancato, Editor

Aran Brancato is a senior at Hall High School who plans to write about and expose political and social issues for Hall Record! Aran is excited to write articles that are relevant and significant to the world this semester in Journalism class. 

Q: Do you think journalism is important and why or why not?

A: I definitely think it is because a lot of things happen daily in this world that are very important and significant. It is also helpful for everyone to know what is going on and obviously we need people to figure those things out and share them.


Q: Who would you consider to be the most influential writer, dead or alive?

A: Whoever has written and then translated the Bible.


Q: If you were a journalist, what city would you want to live in to conduct your work and why?

A: I am hoping to live in New York City anyways, at least for a little while so that would probably be ideal. Plus a lot of things happen there so it's kind of a major center for politics and news in general.


Q: Where do you go or what do you think about to get inspiration for your writing?

A: books and different articles. I don’t write as much as I should but mostly online publications.


Q: What are the qualities of a good journalist and which of these qualities do you think you already have?

A: Definitely someone with good conversational and social skills since that is obviously a lot of what their job is, as well as professional writing skills. I think I pretty much have the writing part down, not entirely sure about the conversational part.

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Aran Brancato