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Austin Chan, Editor

Austin Chan, 17, is one of the latest seniors keen to become a journalist at Hall High School. In this interview, we have the opportunity to take a deeper dive into what Austin plans on doing with his newfound ability; as well as getting to know him a little better. 

  • Q: What motivates you? 
  • A: Learning from the day before and trying to learn from my mistakes and be better motivates me. I like to look at what I did wrong and work on it. 
  • Q: Who has been the strongest influence on your life? 
  • A: I think my family has been the strongest influence on my life because they’re really hardworking, they have always been motivated, and I want to be like them. 
  • Q: What hobbies or extracurriculars do you do? 
  • A: I really enjoy photography, especially when I get to photograph nature and cars. I also like to bike in my free time.
  • Q: What current events are you passionate about? 
  • A: I don’t really have a preference, I just like to know what’s going on around the world and any major world events. 
  • Q: What are you looking forward to writing about this year? 
  • A: I’m really looking forward to writing about the Hall Community, and things people might not be aware of in the community. 
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Austin Chan