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Bikram Thakur, Editor

Bikram, from Nepal, was born on February 25, 2002, and is a senior at Hall High School. He moved to West Hartford in 8th grade and attended King Philip. When describing his journey to the United States, Bikram explained that “our flight got delayed three days because of the earthquake that was happening in Nepal.”  He said that he is interested in video games and would like to become a data analysis.

Journalism was a class that caught Bikram’s eye because “I heard it was a good class from a friend, and writing gives me freedom, it allows me to share my ideas.”

Bikram has the special talent of being able to speak: “Nepali, English, Hindi, and Maithili.” With this being said, he knows he “can use my ability to speak different languages to insert the current news into video games across the world.” In addition to using his fluency in multiple languages to his advantage, Bikram is taking advantage of this skill: “My parents use Maithili for texting and speaking at home, but I need to speak English in school.” He hopes his diverse vocabulary will propel him forward in the workforce.

When asked how he would make a difference, he went on to state that “I would add the news to social media pages, like adds but of news, to allow people to read about what’s going on from any device.” He is determined to keep individuals up to date with current events. 

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Bikram Thakur