Camden Carpenter

Camden Carpenter, Editor

Camden Carpenter, 17, is a high school football player by day, editor for Hall Records by night. 

Q: How would other people describe you?

A: People describe me as kind but opinionated. I’m regarded as hard working, probably smart, somewhere in there, and very passionate. 

Q: Why Journalism?

A: I chose journalism because I knew by taking this class I could learn a lot more about current events and the media. Also, as I learn more and more about politics it's always helpful to know more about the media and how they present certain things about different events. 

Q: What are your biggest motivators in journalism?

A: I often see on both sides of the political spectrum that there are news sources that are often skewed, contain cherry picked data, or present data without fully understanding the idea. This can cause misinformation or create bias information. Sometimes it's not always correct. I want be what many claim to be: a truly objective journalist.

Q: What inspires you?

A: I’m inspired by objective journalists. There aren’t many of them. I admire those who present information that is helpful to many people.

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Camden Carpenter