Chastidy Hudson

Chastidy Hudson, writer

Chastidy Hudson describes herself as “caring, devoted, and understanding.” She also should have included her approachable personality and entertaining attitude. The full Chastidy-effect cannot be captured in a singular interview or brief. If I could recommend anything, to learn about Chastidy’s charm and journalism, it would be to sit down and talk to her.

Chastidy is passionate about journalism, describing news as a tool to enhance her knowledge. Her biggest interest in journalism was during Obama’s first and second elections. Besides politics, ethnicity is an intriguing topic for Chastidy, stating that “race is a social construct.” It is clear Chastidy stands by her judgement and has strong views about right and wrong.

This expressive eighteen year old isn’t shy about her home life, nor her opinions on controversial issues. I look forward to Chastidy's writing.

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Chastidy Hudson