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Christopher Padilla, Editor

  • Lede: Christopher Padilla, a senior at Hall, enjoys working hard and putting his time to use when he finds something he can make a difference in, and that’s why he plans to use his voice in Journalism to help his peers.

Q: What is one word you could use to describe yourself?

A: I would say that I’m introverted when it comes to talking to other people because it’s hard and feels weird trying to make conversation with someone I barely know. I can be extroverted when I’m comfortable and have no feeling to shy away  but that’s only with friends or how I feel. I would also like to say dedicated because if I follow something that interests me, I will stay with it until I am satisfied with my accomplishment like the gym ad the daily routine I have to see progress. 

Q: Who do you look up to in your life?

A: Probably my mom, she is hardworking and has done a lot for me. I see her as more than just a mom she has provided so much and I am thankful for her. 

Q: Where do you see journalism impacting your future self?

A: Honesty I don’t really see journalism impacting anything for me. I’m not interested into the rest of the world news, if there is something that interests me then id look into it a bit more but that’s pretty much it. 

Q: What are some things you see in the world that you think your voice can change?

A: If people are shy or anything, anything around people being introverted I can maybe help them talk because I have been that way. I can talk about how I almost got out of it and how I can manage to have a good social life.

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Christopher Padilla