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Colin McGann

Colin McGann

Colin McGann, a multifaceted student athlete at Hall, who aims to broaden his writing prowess outside of the norms in a regular english class. He hopes to get a better understanding of the biases across the news spectrum. 


Q: Why did you choose to take this class?

A: I just wanted to take a nice half-semester class and I felt journalism was just a very interesting class to take and I kind of wanted to take it over more like a traditional English class.


Q:What did you hope to gain from this class?

A: I wanted to know how bias was involved in the news in terms of if the news is left-leaning or right-leaning. And I think so far I've already gotten a really good understanding of that. And then honestly, I just wanted to know more about what journalists do and I think I've definitely learned a lot.


Q: How do you feel like this class could help you in post-secondary?

A:I this class [Journalism] could definitely help me probably with writing papers in the future and going about getting information. If it's like an infographic or like an interview with someone, I think it's going to help me keep a very neutral position in life when I'm going about even just arguing with my friends or something like that, I think it's just giving me a better perspective.


Q: Would you consider doing something with journalism in the future?
A:I definitely considered maybe not majoring in journalism or something like that, but I would definitely consider taking a future class or possibly some type of interviewing class where it's incorporates journalism.

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Colin McGann