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Nicolai Yanko, editor

Meet Nicolai Yanko, one of the newest members of Hall Record. Nicolai is driven each day by the simple pleasures in life: Seeing friends, family, and the prospect of new experience! Now the young track and field star is ready write. He took this class looking for a new experience. Furthermore, the opportunity to have a place to publish what he writes is keeps him  on the team. 

Q:What do you like to do outside of school?

A: I play alot of video games. watch a lot of TV, mostly alot of FPS games, I also play rocket league or Minecraft, really anything just kinda depends on what my friends are playing. I do Track and Field, the high jump and long jump for that.

Q:What led you to take this class and what led you to stay?

A: It just seemed like an interesting topic at the time, a different class then just reading a book then writing about, a refreshing type of class something new. Then getting to the class and learning it was all this writing about current events and putting on Hall Record seemed pretty interesting.

Q:What do you hope to get out of your journalism experience? Is there a way you can improve yourself in this class that you couldn't in another?

A: I hope to become a better writer and pay more attention to what’s going on in the world, actually doing something about and not just simply knowing. Having some connection to what your writing about.

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Nicolai Yanko