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Jennifer Zheng

Jennifer Zheng, Editor

Jennifer, 18, is a Senior at Hall High. She is very excited about contributing to the Hall Record and hopes to bring interesting reads to the Hall population over the coming semester.

Q1: Is journalism something that kind of appeals to you as a profession?

A1: It is not a profession for me because I am quite the opposite. I want to work in the healthcare field instead. 

Q2: What motivates you in journalism?

A2: Whenever something perks up my interest, I am the type of person that likes to research a lot and find more about the story online. I think that is what journalism has to offer-curiosity and freedom. I can write about my passions like climate change and sustaining the environment. 

Q3: You mentioned the environment, is there any other topic you are interested in writing about?

A3: Yes, there is. For the past year, I have been curious about skincare. I would like to use this website to share my knowledge with my peers. I hope to bring more awareness to ingredients in some products that are not eco-friendly and recommend eco-friendly products.

Q4: Besides getting to write about your interests, what experiences or skills do you want to get out of the class?

A4: I want to get better at interviews since I am not great at talking to strangers. I was pretty excited when Mrs. Fransen mentioned making a video because I picked up video editing as a hobby during quarantine. 

Q5: So finally, would you say the videos you have been producing count as a prior journalism experience?

A5: I would say it does counts as a prior journalism experience. Especially with the rise of social media, videos have become another way we get our news from. 

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Jennifer Zheng