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California Dreaming!

Joseph Fineboy, Editor

I decided to interview Joseph because he sat right next to me in class, and I had never talked to him before, and I was also curious as to why he decided to take this class.

Q- Who are you, what makes you, you [defining qualities]?

A- My name is Joseph Fineboy I enjoy playing soccer, I’ve been playing my whole life.

Q- What do you enjoy doing and why?

A- I enjoy playing soccer, and I enjoy fast cars

(AJ)- You like adrenaline?

(J)- Yea, I’m a bit of an adrenaline junky

Q- What was a memorable moment from you're past? When you think about good times what comes to mind first and why? (AJ)

A- I miss hanging out with my friends back where I used to live- (J)

(AJ)- Where did you come from again?

A- Minnesota, but a memorable moment I would be when we lit a firework in an abandoned mill, that was pretty funny, overall I just miss my homies. (J)

Q- Well I guess this answers my next question, but what is your favorite place? (AJ)

A- To be honest my favorite place is just being at home chilling, just in my bed- (J)

(AJ)- Just relaxin nice and quiet?

(J)- Yes

Q- So the next question is, why did you take journalism? (AJ)

A- Because journalism is fun and seems like it can help me in the future, I can learn how to interview people and ask questions. (J)

(AJ)- It's more interesting than-

(J)- than regular writing.

(AJ)- there’s more action involved in it, it's not like a normal English class.

(J)- It's more interesting than other topics as well.

Q- Ok last question is, how would you describe yourself? (AJ)

A- I got a strong mind, I don't let a lot bother me, hard-working, focused, compassionate-(J)

(AJ)- we know you're an adrenaline junky.

(J)- yea, if you're with me were definitely gonna do something fun.

(AJ)- I get it, I’m the same way when sometimes I just need to do something fun to feel alive.

(J)- Yea that’s pretty much it

(AJ)- I mean I know you said compassionate, but the fact that you hold onto your memories of you’re friends back home, I’d say that’s pretty defining.

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