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Azayah Armstrong, Editor

I wanted to interview AJ because I've had a class with him before but never talked with him. He seems like he has some of the same similarities.

Q:  Who are you?

My name is Azayah but people call me AJ because it's easier to pronounce.

Q:  What's your ethnicity?

I am African American and Puerto Rican

Q:  What did you do over quarantine?

I didn't do much over quarantine except visit family and go to the beach

Q:  What's something that you enjoy?

I like to chill with friends and relax, I enjoy being with people I like.

Q:  Do you enjoy journalism, if so why?

Yes, I enjoy  Journalism because of the adventurous aspect of it and I also consider myself adventurous.

Q:  Do you have a plan after high school?

I have plans to go to college perhaps for an economics major but I don't have a specific profession I want to go into.

Q:  Do you feel as if you’ve changed as a person over the last year, if so in which ways?

I feel like I’ve opened up more as a person over the past year and changed a few things about myself for the better.

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