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Juliannah Xavier, Editor

Juliannah Xavier is excited to join Journalism and learn the details that go into writing for a newspaper. She believes she’s ready for this responsibility as it will prepare her for her undoubtedly bright future. 

Q.) What are some of your passions? 

A.) My greatest passion is finding inner peace and happiness. I am passionate about finding joy in all that you do. I find that in music, my faith and surrounding myself and doing things with people I love.

Q.) What's your greatest strength?  

A.) Resiliency. I manage and get through difficult situations and tasks well and persevere through them. Life can throw crazy things at you and being resilient and persevering comes in handy. 

Q.) How do you define success? 

A.) Success is different everyone, for me it means finding happiness in the things that you do, and finding your passions. You could be financially successful, but if you're not happy what good does that do!

Q.) What's a dream you have for the future? 

A.) To have more meaningful relationships with people. To have greater conversations with people. I think being able to talk to people is the most amazing thing in the world, hence my excitement for Journalism this year!


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Juliannah Xavier