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Sydney Martin, Editor

Meet Sydney Martin, one of the newest Hall Record writers. Inside and out of school, Sydney is an avid writer and journalist who loves researching a new story. Outside of school, she loves playing the guitar, working on sets for theatre, and learning about history. 

Q:Is there a specific topic you enjoy writing about? 

A: Honestly, I love politics. It's interesting because there's always something going on and it changes quite a lot. Additionally, I like the theatre side of entertainment because I enjoy learning about what goes on behind the scenes and what goes into the big productions that you see in places like Broadway. 

Q:What are your post high school plans? 

A: I'm thinking about majoring in journalism and probably history as well. I'm also planning on applying for a few programs overseas in England and Scotland, so it's kind of a toss up of where I will end up. I can also see myself potentially going to graduate school depending on if I major in history. I want to be either an investigative reporter or a historian at a museum. 

Q: What is your favorite subject in school? 

A: Definitely history. It is really interesting how there is just so much to learn about. If you look at events from 300-500 years ago, humans themselves don't really change. It's mostly  just the technology and circumstances in society that change and I think that is very interesting. It is funny to me that humans will always be just humans. 

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Sydney Martin