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Kailo as a baby.

Kailo Lopez, Editor

Kailo Lopez, a senior at Hall High school is looking to expand his knowledge on journalism. By learning more he hopes to understand how to better use his voice to make a change. 

Q:What made you want to take this class?

A: “I took this class to learn more about the topic and further my knowledge on journalism and how to better use my voice”

Q: How does journalism impact your life?

A: “It impacts me because everyday journalism affects me whether its from me watching the news or me wanting to learn how to use my voice and report on matter and protect that freedom.” 

Q: Is there any important you've learned from journalism in the past?

A: “To respect others opinions and try to understand their point of view”

Q :What do you hope to get out of this class or learn?

A: “I hope to positively impact the universe and communities around me through journalism.”

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Kailo Lopez