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Mikey as a 4-year-old.

Mikey Birmingham, Editor

Mikey Birmingham, 17, is a student-athlete looking to expand his journalism skills by using his interesting perspective and diverse approach to find intriguing answers.
Q:Was there any inspiration behind taking journalism?
A: I think journalism would be more interesting than a traditional writing class, being able to write about what is going in our school.
Q:Who would you consider an important person in your life?
A:I would probably say my cousin, because I'm blessed for them to be able to go to school with me, so like I see them all the time and we see each other all the time.
Q:Outside of journalism, what are your passions?
A:I would probably say sports, I do track and field and I’m also involved in medical stuff.
Q:How are you going to be different from other journalists in terms of what you're going to write about or the questions your going to ask?
A:I think I have a really interesting perspective, so I will add a very diverse aspect to the interview.


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