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Kayla Flores, Editor

Kayla Flores, 17, a senior at Hall High School, with a passion for helping animals and reading. They decided to take journalism to bring a voice to the LGBTQIA+ community, the Afro-Latinx community, STEM, and advocate for animal welfare. 

Q: What have you been a part of at Hall High School? 

A: I have been a part of  a lot of volunteering at Hall High School. I participated in ushering for multiple Simsbury Meadows Concerts. I also participated in the twenty-four day food drive where I collected food items from my neighborhood and it was all donated through FoodShare. I was in HAWA which was a club for animal welfare, we made a vegan/vegetarian cookbook and donated all the proceeds to multiple charities. 

Q: What news sources are your favorites and why? 

A: I like a lot of podcasts, like podcasts from SoundCloud called “Science Vs”. I listened to one about how to choose the right type of kibble for dogs, and if you should feed your dog raw with one hundred percent raw ingredients. I do read current issues on Apple News, I sometimes use The New York Times, but I feel like Apple News is easier to use because it's an app and there is a written format of news, and an audio format as well.

Q: What do you plan to do in the future, and how will journalism play a role in that? 

A: I am thinking of doing something in STEM, specifically Neuroscience or Computer Science. I enjoy coding, I went to an online summer camp called "Girls Who Code". I really enjoyed working with multiple people, and they had amazing role models who represented the coding community, come in and speak on their personal experience with coding and Computer Science in general. When it comes to Neuroscience, you can see articles of the new discoveries, and see how Computer Science is changing the game with technology. 

Q: How will your voice impact your community? 

A: I want to write about certain issues like about the LGBTQIA+ Community and the Afro-Latinx Community to improve representation within my community. I will continue to share my education to spread my knowledge about other topics that aren't mentioned as much within my community, and continue to use my voice so that others can be heard. 

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Kayla Flores