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Lana Anderson, Editor

Lana Anderson is ready to face the music and post permanently on HallRecord. 


Q: Why did you decide to take journalism?

A: Journalism revolves around you and what you like instead of what a curriculum requires. I like the freedom that journalism gives us, and I think that will be fun to explore.


Q: Have you ever considered making a career out of journalism?

A: I’ve never really thought about making a career out of journalism, but I have considered making one out of creative writing. Even though I don't plan on becoming a journalist, I think it will provide me with skills and knowledge relevant to a variety of jobs.


Q: How do you feel about posing on HallRecord?

A: That part of journalism is definitely intimidating, but it's also driving me. Everything we write will be published on the internet, so I want to create pieces I can actually be proud of. 


Q: You implied that you aren’t proud of your writing, why is that?

A: The topics we write about in school aren’t always meaningful to me, so it’s hard to say I like what I’ve written when it was forced. I wrote a lot in AP Language and Composition last year, and I do like some of the pieces I wrote, but a lot of them just weren’t me. And that’s what I’m looking forward to in journalism: self-expression.

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Lana Anderson