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Raina and Phoenixs 17th birthday

Raina Procaccini, Editor

A senior high-school student with a passion to give opportunities to others with journalism.

Q: What is one of your passions in life?

A: I like to do digital art. It's kind of the thing that keeps me going a lot of the time. And it is one of the only things that I actually enjoy doing in my free time. I frequently draw characters and stuff like that. Art has no boundaries to your creativity and everything you create is unique in some way, which makes it enjoyable.

Q: Who is the person that inspires you the most and why? 

A: I'd say my brother. My twin brother because he has autism and he cannot speak. In order for him to have a good life, I have to do good and take care of him, so I'm very inspired to do that for him.

Q: What does journalism mean to you?

A: I think journalism is a creative way to express yourself and uplift others that you think are in need of a voice. And it provides a platform for you to give to other people which I think is great.

Q: What do you wish to get out of this Journalism class?

 A: I  just hope to be able to, as I said, uplift other people’s voices and possibly like communities that aren't really as represented in the media as others.

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Raina Procaccini