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Lia Rosenbloom, Editor

Lia Rosenbloom is a 17-year-old student at Hall High School. Born on August 15th in China, she moved to Middletown, Connecticut with her Mom and brother. At age 10, she moved to West Hartford, Connecticut, where she discovered a love for art and the violin. 

Passionate about drawing and painting, Lia plans on incorporating art skills in a future profession: “I would like to be an art therapist; I want to help people, but also incorporate what I love.” Her hope is to acquire this knowledge from Rhode Island School of Design. 

An interest for journalism sparked from the idea of expanding the way in which she writes, and from the belief that “this class will help her stay up to date with current events.” Based on her demeanor and personality, the articles she will write are sure to be a good read!

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Lia Rosenbloom