Maggie Monnes

Maggie Monnes, Editor

Meet Maggie Monnes, a 17 year old disability rights activist and budding journalist.

Q: Why did you take journalism?

A: My brother took it, and it inspired him to major in journalism. He encouraged me to take it because he found it so useful.  

Q: When did you become interested in journalism? 

A: I’ve always like been interested and involved in politics and political issues, so I think it’s really important. And especially like, being educated is so important and with all the issues going on right now it’s really important to like be involved. 

Q: Do you have any stories you see yourself covering? 

A: I’m really involved with disability rights and working with kids with special needs. Disability rights is a topic I don’t see much news coverage on, so I can definitely see myself covering a topic like that. 

Q: How do you think taking journalism will benefit you in the future? 

A: I think it’ll help me as a writer, and also help me with interviews in the future.


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Maggie Monnes