Matheson Spillane

Matheson Spillane

Matheson Spillane, president of the Feminist Coalition and computer science ambassador, plans on writing about girls’ sports.

Q: What are some of you interests?

A: I love playing lacrosse; I'm going to be a captain this year. It’s a really great community and I like meeting new people. I also spend a lot of time reading.

Q: Who is the biggest influence in your life?

A: My biggest influence is my oldest sister. She lives over two thousand miles away, but is always there for me when I need advice.

Q: Why are you taking journalism?

A: I am taking Journalism because it’s a really important field. The stories do not tell themselves. I can definitely see myself pursuing a career with writing in the future.

Q: What do you enjoy writing about?

A: I enjoy writing about current events, sports and daily life at Hall. It's important to spread awareness of issues and injustices.

This interview was condensed for length and clarity.

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Matheson Spillane