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Photo taken at a Hall/Southington High School hockey game.

Noah Behrens-Gould, Editor

Editor Noah Behrens-Gould, a seventeen-year-old senior who lives in West Hartford, is an avid mountain biker and hockey goalie who is thrilled to write for the Hall Record.


Q: What is your favorite animal? Why?

A: Wolves are my favorite animals because of their pack mentality and how they must stick together to survive. Their ferocious and elusive personalities are fascinating. 

Q: When do you think the coronavirus pandemic will be over?

A: I think businesses will fully reopen by the end of winter or early spring. I would estimate that masks will be around until the beginning of summer 2021. I know we are all anxious to return to normalcy, but we must listen to the experts’ advice first and foremost.

Q: Why are you taking journalism?

A: I thought journalism would be more interesting than some of the more generic English classes where the curriculum has felt repetitive. Journalists, on the other hand, must quickly adapt to new situations to inform the public about pressing and current events. 

Q: If there was one issue in the world that you could solve, what would it be?

A: I would solve climate change, as the issue affects everybody. We should be concerned about what the planet will look like in the near future if we don’t act quickly.

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Noah Behrens-Gould