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Michael Neff

Michael Neff, Editor

Michael Neff is an aspiring journalist who has many positive thoughts on pop culture and what he can use his skills of journalism to help him with later on in his future when going to become a computer scientist. Michael has a very open mind to many subjects that were brought up to him, which will help him become an amazing journalist and an even better computer scientist.

Q: Who do you think the best music artist is, and what do you think their favorite song is.

A: Well that's a good question, so my personal favorite is Bruno Mars,  I am a big fan of his old music, back in the day. For his favorite song… honestly, I think he would like some of The Weeknd’s music, I mean maybe Michael Jackson. He would get some heavy vibes from them and some of his newer stuff so… Yeah. (R: That was a very good answer)

Q: When do you think the best era in time is?

A: Oooo, That’s a very good question, best era in time? Umm, I am not a big history guy, but I think the ’80s seem pretty nice. I heard there was some good music going on and some wacky style trends, and everything just seemed more simple back then. (R: Yes, I can probably agree with you on that.)

Q: Where do you think the best place on earth is, and why is it your favorite place?

A: I haven't even been out of the country, but my favorite place I have been to was North Carolina… It’s a very nice spot, very calm and relaxing, not a whole lot going on there and you can just relax and get away from everything that’s going on. (Q: Where in North Carolina did you go?) I do not remember, this was about 10 years ago. (R: Okay, that is a very long time ago.)

Q: What do you think the world would be like without a president?

A: Umm, that's a very interesting question. I think that if the world didn't have a president… No place in the world would have a president? (A: Yes, correct) I think the world would still be able to function. We have the 3 branches of the United States, so I think that most places would still be able to get stuff together. (R: Okay, okay… You are a very positive thinker.)

Q: How do you think journalism will help you in the future?

A: I think in the future, I’ll be able to use my journalism expertise to help me with my college interview process. I’ll have an idea of what will be asked and how to respond appropriately. I also want to go into computer science, so I may have to iterviewsome people in order to help them with issues they are having, something journalism will help me with.

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Michael Neff