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Oscar Sosa III

Oscar Sosa III, Editor

Oscar, 17, a football fan who is proud of his cuban heritage shares personal aspects of himself and writing.

Q: Why did you take journalism?

A: I needed to take an english class along with creative writing and I thought this class was interesting to learn about

Q: Think three of your best and worst personality traits or habits? What are they?

A: I guess I’m pretty argumentative. I can be pretty stubborn, especially when I think is right or correct. I can be very stubborn and, at times I can be almost too logical. I can try to make too much sense of things and they could be harmful in a way, and maybe affect someone else. I try to have a good attitude towards things. If I really want something, I like work harder and I try to be just kind, you know? 

Q:If you could write a book what would the book entail?

A: Just a story of my life with my background with being Cuban. there's not a lot of famous people who are Cuban and I have a lot of family that’s born there. 

Q:How do you feel about writing? Does it give you joy? Like what does it make you feel?

A: With Creative Writing last semester, we had a lot more creativity and the subject you were writing, and not stuck to a theme. It’s really easy to write about stuff because you can take something simple as like a day you had with some friends, and like incorporate it and turn it into a whole story. 

Q: How about something you want to talk about?

A: I guess sports in general, like, analyzing like teams and like players. That’s really fun to talk about. 

Q: Are you willing to expand more than football?

A: yeah: football and basketball mainly, the two I pay the most attention to.

Q: Is there any specific sports team you follow?

A: Yes. I follow the Miami Dolphins for football and the Miami Heat for basketball

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Oscar Sosa III