Tommy LaSpada

Tommy LaSpada, Editor

  • Tommy is young and talented baseball player who is new to journalism. Even though he does not have much experience in writing, in coming days he plans to contribute to the hall community by writing about the daily and general topics which often goes unnoticed.
  • Q. Who has been your role model?
  • Well, I am into sports so my role model is Yadier Molina, he came from a different country so he had to work hard so that he could reach where he is now. That is why I look up to him. 
  • Q. Do you watch or read the news?
  • I watch it occasionally, obviously I have read it now for the weekly quiz and stuff because of that I have started to look into it a little more. I am not really into politics, it has not caught my attention yet. 
  • Q. What are your favorite books?  Do you read?
  • I am gonna be honest, I don’t read that much. Back in the days I used to read the diary of the wimpy kid. Can’t say much but I like watching TV more than reading.
  • Q.Do you look up to writing for the journalism class?
  • I am not really a big writer. Who knows could be my future but I don’t see it right now. My grammar sometimes struggles a little bit. I don’t see it as a future but this class has been really fun and interesting. So, who knows it can take me anywhere.
  • Q. What would you contribute to the hall community?
  • Obviously I am into sports but I think just writing about what’s going on just in general like things in the hallway maybe the little things having a big impact on someone or students as whole.There are multiple things that can be brought up.
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In this picture a student is using the computers in the library meant for studying to fill out a bracket and watch basketball games, while his homework sits unattended in the corner.

The Madness of March

March 24, 2022
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Tommy LaSpada