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Alanna Brown
Alanna Brown, a senior at Hall High School, born in Hartford hospital on “March 7, 2002 Pisces gang” and has always grown up in West Hartford. She is the type of person who is a “nice person and tries to give out good energy and good vibes”. 

She realized that she wanted to take journalism while looking through the English classes and it seemed the best suited for her. 

Alanna likes to watch movies and hang out with friends. She watches a lot of movies because when she was growing up she would watch movies and they have always been there for her. 

Her hobbies include working, sleeping, cooking, and is in the FEOD club at Hall. She isn't sure what she wants to do after high school but her end goal is to be happy. 

She would get to school by getting driven in by her mom. After high school she believes that she will morally succeed in life and doesn't care about having a lot of money and having the new and cool things. All she really wants is to be happy.

Alanna Brown , Editor

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Alanna Brown