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Olivia Ayers
Olivia Ayers is a 17-year-old senior attending Hall High School in West Hartford, CT. She has lived in West Hartford for her entire life with her parents, her younger brother, and her dog. At age 10, Olivia's family moved to a different part of town for a change in scenery. 

Watching the news sparked her interest in journalism. Olivia appreciates the significance of journalism: “It helps me stay up to date.” Keeping up with current events is important, and she would like to use the class to continue learning about the world’s happenings. Olivia hopes to improve her writing through both the course and reading news articles.

She plans on pursuing psychology at University of Connecticut to become a school therapist: “Mental health and illness is the root of a lot of violence in America." In the future, Olivia hopes to "to help prevent it.” 

The importance behind sharing one’s opinion drives Olivia’s interest in journalism. She manifests her determination and passion through writing interesting stories about relevant issues.

Olivia Ayers, Editor

Apr 17, 2020
Senior Stress (Story/Media)
Mar 06, 2020
Clouded Mind of Mental Illness (Story)
Olivia Ayers