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Peter Piao
Peter Piao is a 17 year old senior, who has lived in a total of three different states. He was born in New York, eventually making his way over to West Hartford, Connecticut, later moving to Arizona, and finally back to West Hartford. He now attends Hall High School in West Hartford, CT.
Nowadays, Peter's a senior at Hall High School, and when asked why he took journalism, he said he chose it because he’s a “curious man,” and he “likes knowing what’s going on in the world.” In addition to keeping up with current events, Peter enjoys playing basketball and is also a key member of the Empty Bowls club here at Hall High.
Outside of school he enjoys going to the gym and playing the violin. After graduating, Peter sees himself “living it up in the hills” and owning his own business, but only after graduating college and studying business. When asked who he looks up to, he said he looks up to his dad because he’s a hardworking, self made man.

Peter Piao, Editor

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Peter Piao