A School of Garbage: Hall High School

Aidan Dorian, Farrah Jones, and Matt Scobbo


Every day, students leave behind tables full of trash at Hall High School. This has been an ongoing problem for several years and awareness needs to be raised to keep our beloved school grounds clean. It is unacceptable to carelessly leave trash on the grass and tables and is unfair to the custodial staff. 


Leftover lunch provided by the school cafeteria is found on the steps outside of the school. Left behind as trash for another person to deal with- most likely the school janitor- students are becoming more careless with their respect for our school grounds and recklessly littering and leaving behind their trash wherever they please.


Matt Scobbo, a senior at Hall High School is seen here picking up trash from a knocked-over bin. In recent weeks, students have been leaving more and more garbage around the school’s campus. Students like Matt, helping to clean up after less chivalrous students, allow for the janitorial staff to focus on more important issues. 


In the past few weeks, as the weather continues to get colder and fewer students spend time outside during lunch, the amount of trash left around campus, unfortunately, has not decreased. Lunch trays, cans, and half-eaten apples are abundant everywhere outside, carelessly left by lazy students.  This waste not only makes our school look dirty and miskept, but it also shows the lack of respect for our school janitors, who are left to clean up after us.