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Aidan Dorian, Editor

Aidan Dorian, a 17-year-old high school student, ready to take on the world of journalism, is very excited to explore the many interviews that will come his way. With his ability to converse and discuss many topics, he hopes to have a great time getting the information he needs from the West Hartford community.


Q: How do you manage your time after school?

A: I often get home, spend some time relaxing, and then, usually go to the gym or practice to try to get some activity in. I usually come home around 6 and get my homework done and eat dinner. Usually, on weekends I try to spend time with family and friends.


Q: What inspired you to originally start doing journalism?

A: I was inspired to do journalism because of the idea of the fourth estate. As a citizen of the United States, it is my constitutional obligation to stand up for what I believe is morally right. As a journalist, I am able to defend my community and country by using written words. 


Q: When did you find out you enjoyed journalism?

A: I found out I enjoyed journalism probably about a week ago in this class when we first started talking about our obligation as citizens to make sure we hold the people of power responsible for their actions. Whether it be in government or pop culture I will use my voice to make the world a better place.


Q: What possible career path would you mind taking instead?

A: I think I want to go into medicine. I have loved the STEM field for as long as I can remember. Science comes relatively easy to me as well so I could definitely see myself pursuing biology in college. I also love medicine because I am able to help those in need, something that is very important to me.


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