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Matt Scobbo, Editor

Matt Scobbo, 17, is a student who hopes to bring his passion for both sports and writing to Hall Record. An avid learner and athlete, Matt also enjoys writing and history, particularly finding an interest in how stories of the past can shape us and our country today. 

Q: What was one of the main reasons that you decided to take Journalism?
A: My main reason is that I like to write  about sports and, honestly, any type of nonfiction. 

Q: Do you have any other passions outside of school?
A: I like watching football, basketball, and baseball a lot, that’s most of my free time. I’m the captain of the swim team and outdoor track team and run on the cross-country team as well, so sports are kind of always involved with my life.

Q: Do you have any other classes that you particularly enjoy? Why?
A: I’d say history. Mostly because I love learning about what our country’s been built on and how we can improve in the future and learn from our mistakes. It’s a lot about what shaped us today. 

Q: Do you have any specific plans for after high school?
A: Yeah, I’m planning on going to college and I’d like to be in the Boston area. It has an incredibly deep history with entertainment and journalism, and has a lot of sports powerhouses , so I would always have something to do.

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Matt Scobbo