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this is a photo from a match at Connecticut freestyle and greco states at Platt high school in Meriden

Angel Acevedo, Editor

While Angel Acevedo likes wrestling and football, he loves the opportunity to write for Hall Record even more.


Q. What is your name and your pronouns?

A. Angel Acevedo, and he/him

Q. What topics interest you that you may want to write about in Hall Record? 

A. Probably sports, because other people find them interesting, and I like to write about them

Q. Outside of the classroom, what are your favorite interests or hobbies

A. Wrestling and making money, and sometimes football

Q. What knowledge and skills that you possess will be helpful towards your future success?                    

A.  I'm good at like keeping my composure during difficult situations, so for my interest in welding, I won’t start freaking out if I make a mistake, I will know how to keep calm and work around it.            

Q. How has Journalism played a role in your life?                                                                    

A. I didn’t really pay attention to the news before this year, but because of this class I started and it changed my perspective on the world.

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Angel Acevedo