Ashlyn Delaney

Ashlyn Delaney, Editor

Ashlyn Delaney is from West Hartford, Connecticut. She is 17 years old, and a senior at Hall High School. At Hall, she involves herself in cross country, indoor track, Chem4Kids, and is the captain of lacrosse, as well as the leader of Relay For Life. Over the summer she is a camp counselor at Camp Eagle Feather.

Ashlyn said she took journalism because she wanted to “try it out and thought it’d be interesting.” To Delaney, journalism “affects everyone at an early age because that’s how we get our information. Whether it’s good or bad, journalists have the ability to sway our opinions.” Her favorite topics to read and write about are breaking news and “the fun stuff.”

Delaney said she doesn’t read the news as much as she would like to, and mostly hears about it through word of mouth and social media. Ashlyn Delaney has written one article for the Hall Scientific Journal about psychology and false memories but is excited to continue writing more.

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Ashlyn Delaney