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Jane Barlow, Editor

Jane Barlow was originally born in Massachusetts in March 2000. When she was going into the first grade, her family moved to West Hartford, Connecticut, where she currently lives.

Jane is now a senior at William H. Hall High School and is enrolled in a journalism class. Since she educates herself everyday on the news by watching, listening to, or reading up on current events, Jane wants to learn from this class how to understand the credibility behind it all.

“Journalism is very important,” Jane says. “I want to see what it’s like being on the other side.” She prefers to read uplifting and heartwarming stories over hateful and angry stories since she tries to avoid the mass of negativity in today's news reports.

Because of her kind heart, it makes sense as to why Jane wants to be a teacher when she grows up. Her mother inspires and helps her the most because she has been through so much yet handled it with such grace.

Following in her mother's footsteps on becoming a teacher, Jane hopes to attend University of Connecticut next year and complete the four years of college along with a master’s degree. Jane states that she “really likes helping people and working with younger kids.” Jane is already building a foundation by mentoring and tutoring children at Bugbee Elementary School in her free time. She plans to use journalism to aid her in blossoming into the teacher she’s always wanted to be.

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