Heitor Cunha

Heitor Cunha, editor

A dedicated student, with a burning passion for music and physical health, Heitor Cunha is excited to embark on a journalistic journey this year; With curiosity and endless ideas on how to better communication and lessen division in the nation, he is ready to dive into the world of journalism.

 Q: What value do you see in having difficult conversations?

 A:Conversations are really important as presented in the video people try to listen only to give an answer they don’t try to understand the person I think conversations are important nowadays people wanna argue way too much there’s not much that comes out of it people just need to understand others opinions better to make conversation.

Q: What are some outlets for you personally?

A: I love music. I play guitar, piano, I know a little cello and bass. It really connects with me, helps me relax. I just love breaking down music 

Q: What was your experiences with past English classes? Did you enjoy them?

A: I thought it was fun! It is fun! I want to learn more about writing,  I think it’s very important. It’s like a therapy, you can learn more about yourself and other people in society. We need more people to understand better ways to understand each other.

Q: If you could meet anyone in the world dead or alive who would it be?

A: My great grandpa, his name was Heitor.  Apparently him and I  are very similar. My mom realized  when I was younger how I  act  like him.  I feel like I want to talk to him and see what he was  like.

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Heitor Cunha