James Tomb

James Tomb, Editor

James Tomb, 17, President of Spike Ball Club, has recently found an interest in learning more about the world of journalism. Let’s find out more about one of Hallrecord’s newest member.

Q1.) Who has inspired you to be the type of person you are today?

  • I believe that my mom has been the person who has inspired me the most. I say this because my mom has started her own business. I think of her as someone who can help my process or act as a foundation for me because I would like to start my own Software company after high school. She has also lead me in the right path for my college process.

Q2.) What activities do you pursue outside of school?

  • I really enjoy working on my car, a 1991 Toyota Supra. 

(Follow up) What made you fall in love with such an older car?

  • I really love the look and feel of older cars such as my Supra. I really love the angular build of older cars as opposed to rounded new cars. In fact, older cars have a stronger steel in them, as newer cars have become recycled aluminum foil. I also love how simple the older cars are.

Q3.) What are your biggest strengths in writing?

  • I believe that my biggest strength in writing is the use of my language. For example, I love writing persuasive essays as I really get to unfold language that makes the reader feel both engaged and interested.

Q4.) What will you get out of this class? 

  • I’m hoping to get  a better understanding of Journalism as the world surrounds me with new news almost every minute. I also would like to expand my knowledge on how Journalism is really the basis of press, and without press, the world would have no idea what’s going on.
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James Tomb