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Victoria Boustani, Editor

Victoria Boustani discusses her path towards journalism and her passion for media studies. She examines her interests in social issues and recounts the book that lead her to a spiritual awakening.

Q1: Why did you decide to take journalism?

A1: I want to become a broadcast journalist. My mom is a publicist and I want to be like her. Although, I’m not having her choose my path, I’m actually interested in that line of work. 

Q2: Who would you consider to be the most influential writer, alive or dead?

A2: I have always been interested in Mark Twain, the circumstances in which he wrote were unique and that interested me. Everything he wrote resonated with me.

Q3: What book has left a lasting impact on you?

A3: "The Alchemist", it’s more of a spiritual book. It made me look at life so differently. It led to an influential spiritual awakening. Every sentence was so powerful and meaningful.

Q4: What topics interest you?

A4: Black lives matter of course because it’s so important especially now. Environmental issues and women’s rights also really interest me. Environmental issues because of how time-sensitive this topic is and how the majority of people in our society seem to neglect the issue. Women’s rights because gender equality reduces potential violence towards women and overall leads to a healthier and enriched society. I also want to focus my audience on younger generations since we are the future.

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Victoria Boustani